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Choosing a horse could be one of the most important decisions you make. The right horse does wonders for a child and can boost confidence in any age rider.
A lot of thought needs to go into the purchase of a horse, especially your first.
AQHA is here to help. We've compiled a 17-page report packed with valuable information to help you make educated choices.
Get your copy of AQHA's Buying and Owning Your First Horse e-book!
Do you know what good conformation looks like? It's important to know that you're purchasing a well-built, sound horse that will perform to your expectations for years to come.
Does any horse make a good kids horse? Kids' needs are very specific when it comes to horses. Choose wisely and create a friendship that's second to none.
Are you aware of some of the costs involved with owning a horse? This report outlines boarding costs and other things you can expect.
Buying and Owning Your First Horse also has great information about developing a meaningful relationship with your new horse and getting the most out of horse ownership.

Get this detailed report today. You can download it and print it off in full-color within minutes of purchase, or save it to your computer for future reading.

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